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Gumby 11/26/08

posted Sep 14, 2010, 7:39 AM by Sea Tigers   [ updated Sep 14, 2010, 7:43 AM ]
Name :   Gumby   
Date of trip : 11/26/08

Twas the day b-4 Thanksgiving
with the smell of basting turkeys in the air
There were 4 Sea Tigers
who didn't really give a care
S.T. (Sea Tiger) Steve called out
with an inspiring command
forget about turkey,
lets kill fishas
he stood with spear-gun in hand
GET UP Gumby!! Mikey!! and Ron!!
We'll go out of Lafitte,Grand Isle, 40mi and beyond
with seas flat calm
water sparkling blue
we did 200+
what any Sea Tiger would do
Steve went charging
with a mighty Sea Tiger ROAR
checked out the bottom
of Mississippi Canyon's 300ft floor
ST Steve dove with gusto
and a derby board wish
But, at the end of the day
it was Gumby
Best Catch to ALLGumby