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Gumby 4/22/07

posted Sep 14, 2010, 7:44 AM by Sea Tigers

Well Spring is here and time for the Sea Tigers Crawfish boil and 
Awards. A great way to crank up another Dive season. This years 
King Spearfisherman is Steve Hartley and Champion Skindiver Mike 
What a nice day for a crawfish boil, sunshine and a strong breeze 
(no one was wishing to be offshore). There was plenty of mudbugs 
and cold beer to go around. Mr Val was once again our gracious 
host, letting us use his place in Lafitte.
See ya at the next club meeting 4/26/07 at Da Wabbit or the Aqua 
Aces rodeo.

Gumby 2/24/07

posted Sep 14, 2010, 7:42 AM by Sea Tigers

Name :   Gumby   
Date of trip :   2/24/07

Its the Gar Fish Fish Rodeo,,,,, Man I love this rodeo......
I don't know why,,,,, but I do...... I think its because of of my twisted 
childhood. Going out with my Dad on one of those frosty mornings, 
looking for clear water and garfish. What more could you ask for.
Well here we are,, Gar Fish Rodeo 2007. The first day of the rodeo, 
my "OLD" garfish buddy (my Dad) and I going to one of our best 
spots. We take a look at the water,,,, not bad. About 3 feet of vis, 
HEY,,,, its garfish ponds... what the hell do you want!!!! We get in 
the water, kick around for about 2hrs,,, not a fish. And this was our 
best spot. If it were not for the gallon of wine, we would not have 
had any fun at all.
DAY 2) Go scouting for clear water. Found nice water,but to late in 
the day to go for it. We'll try tomorrow.
Day 3)   The Old man has to work, so Scott (Mush) and I head off to 
the new promise land. Nice water, about 5 feet of vis. but no fish. 
What the HELL!!!! We decide to go to our first spot, looks diveable 
but nothing to brag about. I got 4 gar and Mush saw a few fish that 
were left unharmed due to some rules made by the DWF. We'll see 
what everyone else has at the Rodeo.. Hope to see you there.....

Gumby 11/26/08

posted Sep 14, 2010, 7:39 AM by Sea Tigers   [ updated Sep 14, 2010, 7:43 AM ]

Name :   Gumby   
Date of trip : 11/26/08

Twas the day b-4 Thanksgiving
with the smell of basting turkeys in the air
There were 4 Sea Tigers
who didn't really give a care
S.T. (Sea Tiger) Steve called out
with an inspiring command
forget about turkey,
lets kill fishas
he stood with spear-gun in hand
GET UP Gumby!! Mikey!! and Ron!!
We'll go out of Lafitte,Grand Isle, 40mi and beyond
with seas flat calm
water sparkling blue
we did 200+
what any Sea Tiger would do
Steve went charging
with a mighty Sea Tiger ROAR
checked out the bottom
of Mississippi Canyon's 300ft floor
ST Steve dove with gusto
and a derby board wish
But, at the end of the day
it was Gumby
Best Catch to ALLGumby

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